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Nathan L Berger

Nathaniel Berger is the Engineering and Design Expert for the Leveraging Innovation Gateways and Hubs Toward Sustainability (LIGHTS) program. Previously, Berger was the Operations Coordinator of the CREATE_space, a University resource focusing on Creative Research Exploring Arts, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. Nathaniel’s experience in fine arts and information technology has been ongoing for close to two decades, spanning his lower and higher educational endeavors. He has worked in the digital arena since 1997, producing both interactive and static media including, graphic design, and website design. Nathaniel holds a BFA in Art History from Ohio University and an MA in Digital Visual Communication.

Specializing in interactive digital technologies research, he has worked extensively with businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, students and educators developing objective specific solutions that both demonstrate the IT-centric and humanistic qualitative aspects of society. His solutions focusing on game design, and content creation development have been hosted nationally, with sponsorship from such organizations as the Information Technology Association of Appalachian Ohio, the International Game Developers Association, Games for Health, and Google’s 2nd Android Developer Challenge.